Lariplast 1955 -2014

Italian company for over two generations


ounded in 1955, Lariplast produces military ranks, emblems, pins, patches, labels and badges made of plastic, welded on fabric.

We have always worked mainly for and with Italian and foreign military forces, as well as with major national and international designer labels and with the most important sports and trade associations.

Manufacturing with pride, passion and dedication, from the mono- production of badges and labels made only of plastic, we moved to a more extensive and comprehensive creation and implementation of many other items, such as machine embroidery and hand embroidery: Military supply, which is our passion!

Pursuing the satisfaction of our customers, we face each challenge with confident, reliable and innovative solutions.

The badge adds value


Combining the spirit and modern technology (digital manufacturing) with the highest tradition of Italian craftsmanship, we are constantly looking for new and better solutions to offer our customers based on their most stringent and specific requirements.

Speed, service, costs­effectiveness, professionalism and quality at 360° make that, with unchanged humility, but confident and proud of what we recommend and implement, even in these years of great change, we are pleased to present ourselves as your partner.

Thank you for reading and for choosing us


Lariplast … since 1955 the badge adds value.