03 Dec 2014, Posted by Lariplast in Sport

Lariplast goes ashore in Tenerife: badges for sport

I announce you that Lariplast signed an agreement with the tennis school Las Américas in order to make itself known and promote in Spain its own products such as badges for sport, crests and pins for sport uniforms. This time they have chosen the tennis courts in the south of Tenerife.


Do you know the school Las Américas? Let’s get a glimpse on them. They are a representative school for tennis training in the south of Tenerife. Its positioning as referent is not casual: it is the result of several years of hard work in which they have been molding players with the best techniques and educational programs. Therefore, by signing this agreement Lariplast goes ashore in Tenerife: a magnificent island where love for tennis and badges for sport are of a great relevance.


Since 1955 Lariplast realizes badges for sport, crests and badges with proud, passion and dedication. It has always worked mainly for and with the most important Italian and international sports and trade associations and, furthermore, it is the official supplier of A.M.S.I. (Association of Italian ski instructors). In addition to pins there Lariplast has realized badges for sport in silicon for the most important football, cycle, equestrian, basketball and snowboard associations such as the badges for sport realized for Lega calcio Serie A Tim, Olimpia Milano, Equipe. Other badges for sports are those of  A1, T-mobile, Snickers, Tim, Vip, Nordic Walking Academy or the badges for sport for per Snow Queen Trophy, British ski team, Snowsport Accademy San Marino etc.

Lariplast………. Badges for sport add value.