Air force

Air force

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Virtute Siderum Tenus


Virtute Siderum Tenus   (With valor to the stars) is the Latin motto that, since 1971 appears in the badge of the Italian Military Air Force.

The badge is composed of a shield divided into four sections, surmounted by a golden eagle. In the first golden square on the left, a blue winged horse with a torch (27th aircraft squadron); in the second silver square, a red griffin (91st Squadron “Barracca”); In the third silver square a green cloverleaf (10th Caproni Bomber Squadron); in the fourth purple square the Lion of S. Marco with the sword and with the book of the Evangelists (87th Squadron “Serenissima”).

Lariplast produces for the Air Force: Military ranks, labels, emblems, pins, patches and badges.   


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