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Faithful throughout the centuries


On May, 21st, 2002 the Police was raised to the rank of the Italian Armed Forces. From that day on, every policeman is wearing this heraldry emblem.

The badge is a red Italian shield (courage and sacrifice), framed by a silver cross and with a light blue background ending (the value and loyalty to the country). In different squares, there is, on one hand, a silver right hand holding a green snake, in other words the precaution, and on the other a flaming gold grenade, which symbolizes all the modern military orders. Above a lion, in other words the determination for the good governance and the oak, symbol of the warrior spirit. Below the motto: Nei Secoli Fedele (Faithful throughout the centuries).

Lariplast produces for the Police corps: Military ranks, labels, emblems, pins, patches and badges.   


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