Every day Lariplast designs and produces:


Military ranks, emblems, pins, patches, labels and badges made of plastic, welded on fabric, offering the best solutions to the customer, quality certified by our customers


The ability to combine multiple processes, from different sectors and from every part of the world, allowing to realize every project, even the most ambitious one.

The search and selection of the best materials are joined to the choice of the most qualified suppliers and the use of the latest technology; international creativity joins the final control, carried out strictly within the company to ensure a concrete, real and absolute quality..

All in Lariplast is a step forward … as your next idea. We are ready to start it … and you? Are you ready? Jump into it!


Processed material

Microinjection PVC / Silicon
High frequency PVC / Reflex
Hand embroidery Purl
Machine embroidery Cotton, Polyester
Various Metal, leather, wool and other material on customer request